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Anant Planter Stands (Black)

Anant Planter Stands (Black)




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Sturdy and Elegant Design: Enhance the elegance of your garden oasis with our sleek black rectangular potted plant holder. Crafted with durable, weather-resistant materials, this stylish holder provides a sophisticated base for showcasing your favorite flora.

Indoor and Outdoor Using Plant Stand: Versatile in function and durable in design, our indoor and outdoor plant stand is crafted to elevate your greenery both inside and outside your home.

Plant Stand Weather-Resistant: Weather-resistant plant stand is crafted to thrive outdoors, capable of enduring diverse weather conditions while maintaining its integrity and style. Constructed using robust materials such as powder-coated metal or treated wood, this stand is engineered to resist rust, corrosion, fading, and warping caused by exposure to sunlight, rain, or humidity.

Elevate Your Interior Style with a Home: Transform your indoor space into a green haven with our home decor plant stand, designed to elevate your interior style while showcasing your favorite foliage. Crafted with a blend of elegance and functionality, this stand seamlessly complements your home decor with its chic design and versatile use.

Space Optimization Plant stand: Maximize your space and greenery with our space optimization plant stand, meticulously designed to harmonize with compact living areas. This stand ingeniously combines form and function, offering multiple tiers or shelves to accommodate a variety of plants vertically, making it ideal for small apartments, balconies, or cozy corners.

Ideal Use: suitable for various indoor and outdoor locations like entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, offices, gardens, yards, porches, and balconies.

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Product Attributes


Urban Patio


Entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, offices, gardens, yards, porches, and balconies.


80 Kgs


Various indoor and outdoor Garden and Balcony

Used as

Planter Stand, Shoe Rack, Newspaper Stand

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Urban Patio

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